Accommodation at a Birmingham hotel for our athletes has been arranged by the ESAA. We are asked not to contact the hotel until all details are finalised but details will be supplied once those negotiations are complete.

The deadline for submission of improved performances from Suffolk athletes hoping to be selected to take part in the ESAA Championship will be no later than  8pm on
Sunday 24th June. Please register your interest with the ESAA by going to their website,
select the TF tab and find 'Athletics Registration' on the left near the top.

Results of the Anglian Championships can be found in the TF section 



Results of the Suffolk Schools Track and Field Championships held at the Abbeycroft Track at Bury on Thursday 3rd May will be found in the Track and Field Section.
If you were unable to be present, have past performances to your credit that would have put you in 1st or 2nd position or improve after the 3rd May please contact your age group team manager as soon as possible to alert that person as to your interest in being selected for the Anglian

Potential ESAA candidates (Those athletics close to, at or beyond the ESAA Entry standards) must complete the letter to be found in the TF section.


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Suffolk Results downloaded below 

Saturday 17 March 2018 

Great performances from Suffolk School Athletes 

Some Highlights 

Junior Boys 

Lewis Sullivan 9th, Charlie Turner 23rd, Oliver Hitchcock 25th, James Peck 39th, Elliot Gladwell 44th and Freddie Adams 64th 

The Junior Boys team were an outstanding second team in England.

Junior Girls 

April Hill 12th and Tilly Aldis 55th 

Team 27th 

Inter Boys 

James Pettersson 31st and Nathan Goddard 66th 

Team 23rd

Inter Girls 

Maddie Jordan-Lee 22nd, Holly Fisher 26th, Millie Jordan-Lee 52nd, Katie Challinor 57th, Mimi Salsby 98th, Katie Cuddihy 189th

The Inter Girls team were an excellent 5th team in England.

Senior Boys

Tom Adams 41st 

Team 27th overall 

Senior Girls

Megan Newton 36th 

Team 21st Overall

In the C country Team Competition (for Counties of a similar size) 

Boys teams 1st Place 

Girls teams 2nd Place

OVERALL one of our best years with the Boys teams 11th out of 45 counties and the Girls teams 15th out of 45 counties. We are in the C group of counties based on numbers in schools within the county, moreover we just scrape into this group and are one of the smallest in it. In the A and B groups there are 23 much bigger counties so each of these group results are excellent against the odds.


Every athlete who represents Suffolk at the English Schools Track and Field or Cross Country Championships gets given a large badge (depicting the sport ie TF or XC) and a smaller badge (flash) indicting the year.
We have surplus flashes for the years shown below; If you are an athlete who
need to replace theirs please contact Bruce Andrews by post providing your address and a First Class postage stamp and indicating which of the available years you need :
2007 and all years from 2009 to 2016.

County results are in the TF section .

Bruce Andrews (Suffolk Schools Athletics Secretary)

We are trying to re-establish a correct set of records due to difficulties in finding copies of results from a couple of years when results were compiled showing numbers used but not names.
A copy of our current records can be found in the TRACK AND FIELD section. If you know the names and performances of athletes who might have established new records (but are not shown on the document) could you please send me details.
Bruce Andrews

BRUCE ANDREWS   County Secretary (Suffolk Schools) EMAIL :

TELEPHONE    01328 700224

ADDRESS     The Oak House, New Road, Whissonsett,  Dereham, Norfolk  NR 20 5T

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