Suffolk teams to be taking part in the Anglian Schools Championships will be published on May 28th.

Results of the County Schools TF Championships are in the Track and Field section

COMBINED EVENTS  The Eastern Region event is to be held at Bedford on the 24th/25th June. Deadline for submission of entries to the Suffolk Secretary is 3rd June but ideally much earlier. Details on the ESAA website.

Are to be held at the Cambridge Track on Sunday 18th June 2017

The letter given to top 3 competitors at Bury (County Schools Championships on May 4th) had two errors :

The date for the Anglian was incorrect and clearly is NOT on Sat 17th June.

For candidates who have examined the expected ESAA Standards (to be found on the ESAA website) and are already at or very close to the Entry level may pre-register with Suffolk Schools Athletics Association using a form obtainable from Odile Mckie
through the following email address:

which is NOT the email address shown on the letter. 

All who pre-register in this way will at least be considered for selection for the Suffolk Team to compete at the ESAA Championships to be held in Birmingham on the 7th and 8th June.
The deadline for Suffolk entries to the ESAA is Tuesday 13th June

WE NEED REQUESTS FOR CONSIDERATION TO BE SUBMITTED BY 7pm on Sunday 11th June at the very latest.

The Anglian Schools TF Championships will be held at  Cambridge (note change - it was originally Peterborough) on Sunday 18th June

Summer Term 2017 dates can be found in the TF section


We are pleased to confirm that Sue Hargadon has taken on the role of Lead Team Manager for Cross Country. She is a very experienced team manager and keen athlete herself.

Her contact details are 


Schools across the County opted into a new Finance structure earlier this year which prevents us using any grant we get from those schools to pay for any costs arising from participation at Anglian or ESAA events. It means that virtually all costs at such events must be met by the selected athletes.

For example the ESAA TF may cost individuals somewhere between £140 and £200.

For this year's Anglian Cross Country the fee for all Suffolk participants will be just £3 but the ESAA Championships in Norfolk will cost between £20 and £30. (We do not know yet whether the ESAA entry fee will rise from last year's figure of £15).  

There will be a special fund for those who cannot afford high costs. 

Dates for the coming year :

ESAA at Norwich Sat 18th March

We are still in need of admin help within the Association.
If you feel you can make a contribution  please give me a call (01328 700224) See note below

ANUUAL GENERAL MEETING This was held at Stowupland High School on Wednesday 5th October . We had 10 schools represented (contrasting with the 53 schools present at the Area races at Holbrook) This meeting enabled us to fill the roles of South and West Suffolk Team Athletics organisers, plus some admin help with the preparation of certificates and importantly filling four Team Organiser roles but there are many other tasks for which we need help. We did most importantly fill the role of lead Team Manager for Cross Country.       .
The meeting which followed at 7-00 for parents, Club and AA officials filled a classroom. Odile McKie has accepted the role of Treasurer.
We were able to report that the ESAA are planning to change the TF grouping from 3 to 4 groups with the smallest (D group) allowed to send only 20 to the ESAA. We were threatened with dropping into this group on the basis of the ESAA TF results from 2011 to 2015 despite 2015 being a very good year for us. However when they then added 2016 results and dropped 2011 we moved up into the new C group where we are allowed to take 30 athletes. Over the last two years we have had on average 30 athletes who have reached Entry or National standard so that seems fair to us. Obviously large counties like Essex have so many good athletes who have Entry standard that many of the them cannot go because of the old limit of 60 athletes. Now they are likely to send 70 once these revisions to the rules are confirmed. It does mean we are unlikely to send athletes who are close to the Entry standard.
More details to follow.


ESAA Results can be found in a file in the Track and Field Section.  We again finished in 21st place overall as we did last year but with a higher points score of 95 (determined by 8 down to 1 for top 8 positions in any event, plus 1 or 2 point for reaching Entry or National Standard.)
Harry Hughes crowned his fantastic ESAA record by winning the Senior Boys Javelin with a new  ESAA Championship  record distance.
1 - 1st   4 - 2nds  2 - 3rds 4 - 5ths  1 - 7th . 7 medals compared to last year's 4.
Well done to all of you. Fantastic team spirit.

ANGLIAN TF 2016 RESULTS The results are in the TF section. If you note any errors please let Bruce Andrews know.
At the Anglian Suffolk had a very successful day winning both Senior Trophies, the Intermediate Boys and the Aggregate Trophy (the latter for the second year running).

County results are in the TF section .

Bruce Andrews (Suffolk Schools Athletics Secretary)

We are trying to re-establish a correct set of records due to difficulties in finding copies of results from a couple of years when results were compiled showing numbers used but not names.
A copy of our current records can be found in the TRACK AND FIELD section. If you know the names and performances of athletes who might have established new records (but are not shown on the document) could you please send me details.
Bruce Andrews

BRUCE ANDREWS   County Secretary (Suffolk Schools) EMAIL :

TELEPHONE    01328 700224

ADDRESS     The Oak House, New Road, Whissonsett,  Dereham, Norfolk  NR 20 5T

I am unable to accept fax messages.

My email address is :
 ESAA website is:
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