Results of the Area Cross Country races at RHS are in the Cross Country section.
Great organisation again by RHS. I hope as many as possible of you will send a note of appreciation to the Head at the School. WHAT WOULD WE DO WITHOUT THEIR INVOLVEMENT ?

Dates for the coming year :

Thursday 13th October  Area Championships at RHS
Saturday 3rd December  County A races at Culford. First race at 10-30. Details to follow. 
Thursday 12th January County B races at Woodbridge
Saturday 4th February  Anglian In Northants
ESAA at Norwich Sat 18th March

We are still in need of admin help within the Association.
If you feel you can make a contribution  please give me a call (01328 700224) See note below

ANUUAL GENERAL MEETING This was held at Stowupland High School on Wednesday 5th October . We had 10 schools represented (contrasting with the 53 schools present at the Area races at Holbrook) This meeting enabled us to fill the roles of South and West Suffolk Team Athletics organisers, plus some admin help with the preparation of certificates and importantly filling four Team Organiser roles but there are many other tasks for which we need help. We did most importantly fill the role of lead Team Manager for Cross Country.       .
The meeting which followed at 7-00 for parents, Club and AA officials filled a classroom. Odile McKie has accepted the role of Treasurer.
We were able to report that the ESAA are planning to change the TF grouping from 3 to 4 groups with the smallest (D group) allowed to send only 20 to the ESAA. We were threatened with dropping into this group on the basis of the ESAA TF results from 2011 to 2015 despite 2015 being a very good year for us. However when they then added 2016 results and dropped 2011 we moved up into the new C group where we are allowed to take 30 athletes. Over the last two years we have had on average 30 athletes who have reached Entry or National standard so that seems fair to us. Obviously large counties like Essex have so many good athletes who have Entry standard that many of the them cannot go because the old limit of 60 athletes. Now they are likely to send 70 once these revisions to the rules are confirmed. It does mean we are unlikely to send athletes who are close to the Entry standard.
More details to follow.

Bruce Andrews
The following note was given to schools. We have had no response so far despite the fact that 53 schools were present.
If you know of someone who could provide some help please let me know.

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO. We are assuming you have an interest in this event today if not please pass it on to relevant colleagues . You should be aware that Suffolk Schools Athletics is in need of considerable help. COME AND TALK TO US IF YOU CAN HELP.

We have filled four of the five major positions we needed but have had no offer for the position of Secretary.

We have looked at this role and thought of ways of breaking it down into manageable parts.

At the two SSAA meetings held last Wednesday we asked those present to consider offering to volunteer for one or more of these tasks. Items underlined have been filled with volunteers but many tasks are not. The future depends on more help

Secretarial tasks

  1. Preparing certificates, adding letters and bagging up   Juliet Wiles (Holbrook)

B    Arranging Dates of events, First Aid, Toilets. Burger Van

C     Organising officials

D     Preparing numbers for A,B and Anglian (we have masters for all necessary numbers)

        E     Paperwork preparation for major XC events

        F       Writing up results, maintaining list of extras who wish to run again, plus list of runners who        

                were ill, injured etc for a specific race. Preparing allocated number lists for the next race.  

                 Preparing Selection data. Involvement in the selection process

                 Liz Long, Sue Hargardon, Woodbridge, Alistair Dick

        G     Paperwork preparation for TF Championships  M Mcneill

Team manager roles

        H        Lead Manager for Cross Country  Sue Hardagon

         I       5 XC team managers   (3 to date)

         J       Lead Team manager for Athletics

         K        4  TF Team Managers   (2 to date)

          L      Treasurer   Odile McKie

         M       Secretary

We need to store vests in an Ipswich area school where colleagues are prepared to collect, wash and check them.   We have two tents which ideally need to be stored in the Ipswich Area too. Other kit storage (ESAA kit : shorts, sweatshirts, waterproof jackets)




ESAA Results can be found in a file in the Track and Field Section.  We again finished in 21st place overall as we did last year but with a higher points score of 95 (determined by 8 down to 1 for top 8 positions in any event, plus 1 or 2 point for reaching Entry or National Standard.)
Harry Hughes crowned his fantastic ESAA record by winning the Senior Boys Javelin with a new  ESAA Championship  record distance.
1 - 1st   4 - 2nds  2 - 3rds 4 - 5ths  1 - 7th . 7 medals compared to last year's 4.
Well done to all of you. Fantastic team spirit.

ANGLIAN TF RESULTS The results are now in the TF section. If you note any errors please let Bruce Andrews know.
At the Anglian Suffolk had a very successful day winning both Senior Trophies, the Intermediate Boys and the Aggregate Trophy (the latter for the second year running).

County results are in the TF section .




Bruce Andrews (Suffolk Schools Athletics Secretary) is changing to :
Both can be used at the moment but please use the new address from now on.

We are trying to re-establish a correct set of records due to difficulties in finding copies of results from a couple of years when results were compiled showing numbers used but not names.
A copy of our current records can be found in the TRACK AND FIELD section. If you know the names and performances of athletes who might have established new records (but are not shown on the document) could you please send me details.
Bruce Andrews

BRUCE ANDREWS   County Secretary (Suffolk Schools) EMAIL :

TELEPHONE    01328 700224

ADDRESS     The Oak House, New Road, Whissonsett,  Dereham, Norfolk  NR 20 5T

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