Cross Country

2023-2024 Season 

Dates for the Cross Country Season 2023-20234

Thursday 12 October      Suffolk Area Championships at RHS Holbrook

Thursday 11 January       Second race   Woodbridge School 

Saturday 3 February Anglian Championships hosted by Lincolnshire

Saturday 16 March English Schools Championships Pontefract Race Course Yorkshire 

Note Suffolk Schools are only organising 2 trials prior to the Anglian Championships, the Anglian Championships will also act as a final trail for selection for the English Schools Championships. 

Suffolk School Team Managers 

Minors           Years 6 and 7      Chloe Godbold

Juniors           Years 8 and 9      Mark Goddard 

Inters               Years 10 and 11       Sue Hargadon 

Seniors  Years 12 and 13 Alistair Dick 

Suffolk Championships at RHS Holbrook 12 October 2023 

All information about the races including timings and numbers and how to register are contained in the following link 

Information about RHS races 2023  

Please download and print off the map of your race for Thursday 12 October Race.

RHS Cross Country map 2023  

The results from the Suffolk Schools Cross Country Championships at RHS on 12 October 2023 have just been posted, follow the link below. 

Note the results from all 14 races are on one spreadsheet, use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to navigate to the race you want to find

Results from Suffolk Schools Cross Country at RHS 12 October 2023  

Athletes, parents and teachers, please email the relevant team manager if you want to put forward any student who under performed or missed these races. 

Suffolk Championships at RHS Holbrook 13 October 2022 

The Results are now published on 18 October 2022 

Click in the links below, to download the results, note for Minors, Juniors and Inter races there were 2 races at each age group. North and West in the morning, South and East in the afternoon, use the tabs in the spreadsheet to move from one race to the other. 

Read about the race at the East Anglian Daily Times  

Minor Boys results from RHS  

Minor Girls results from RHS  

Junior Boys results from RHS  

Junior Girls results from RHS  

Inter Boys results from RHS  

Inter Girls results from RHS   

 Senior Boys Results from RHS  

Senior Girls results from RHS   

Race 2 Saturday 26 November 2022 at Ipswich High School, Woolverstone 

The second race of the series takes place on 26 November at Ipswich High School in Woolverstone. 

The top 50 from all the races at RHS are automatically selected for this race. If you missed the RHS race due to injury, illness or another reason, you can still compete. Please contact the relevant team manager, all email addresses are listed on this page. 

All results from Ipswich High School Race 2  

Note all 8 race results are on the same spreadsheet. Please use the tabs at the bottom to navigate to the different races.

The results contain the current requests for byes to race 3. Please contact the relevant team manager if you wish to request a bye to Race 3. 

 Race 3 Thursday 12 January 2023 at Woodbridge School

The third race of the series takes place on 12 January at Woodbridge School. After this race the Suffolk School teams will be selected for the Anglian Championships. 

The top 50 from the race 2 are automatically selected for this race. If you missed race 2 race due to injury, illness or another reason, you could still compete. Please contact the relevant team manager, all email addresses are listed on this page. 

The link below contains the letter given out at Woodbridge, after race 3. If you missed the race or lost your letter please download and return this form to your team manager and Sue Hargadon. 

Letter given out after race 3 at Woodbridge  

Guide to Sizes of the Suffolk Schools Sweatshirts  

The results of all 8 races held at Woodbridge School on 12 January are contained on the link below.  Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to navigate between the races. 

All results from Race 3 at Woodbridge School  

The Anglian Championships  Saturday  4 February 2023 

For those selected to represent Suffolk Schools teams, the Anglian Championships are being hosted by Northampton this year. 

This event is between Suffolk, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. 

It also acts as a final trial for selection for the English Schools Cross Country Championships.

The event will be held at Abington Park, NN1 5LW 

Abington Park, Northampton   

The results for the Anglian Championships are below, the spreadsheet uses tabs to navigate between different age groups. 

What a succesful afternoon for Suffolk Schools Cross Country, well done to all the runners and their parents for supporting them. 

In Cross Country the first 6 runners score for the team and the lowest score wins. Non-scoring runners can still help the team by pushing other county runners further down.

We cannot remember winning 6 out of the 8 races in a previous year 

Anglian Results 2023 held at Northampton  

Want to read about the race ? The link below will take you to the EADT 

EADT link to Anglian race 

Suffolk School teams for the Anglian 2023  

Final letter with all information about Anglian races 2023  

Course map for the Anglian Races on Sat 4 February 2023 No QR code   

The English Schools Championships  Saturday  18 March  2023 

Teams will now be selected for the English Schools Cross Country Championships, to be held in Nottingham at Woolaton Park. 

Note for Juniors, Inters and Seniors only, we hope that Minors will continue running and challenge for a place in a future year. 

The trip will leave on Friday 17 March and include an overnight stay in a local hotel. 

Suffolk Schools Teams for English Schools Nottingham 2023  

Suffolk Results for the English Schools XC Nottingham 2023  

Official Results Chip timing from Nottingham 2023 

Suffolk team photos from Nottingham 2023 


 The first three events listed above (Area, A and B races) help us decide who to select for the Anglian Counties Championships.  We take up to 16 runners for the regional inter-county Cross Country event and then select 8 ( plus 4 reserves) for the English Schools national event. Minors (years 6 and 7) are not allowed to enter the national event.


The three listed events represent our trials. A top 50 place in the first race  eads to selection to compete in the second race. A top 50 place in the A race leads to selection for our final event in Suffolk, the third race. After the third race, we select, based on those three events, the athletes to represent Suffolk at the regional event. Runners who feel they underperformed (or were not able to attend) at any of the first two events (and were as a consequence not invited to the next one) are welcome to apply (contact the team manager for the relevant age range) to compete in the next event and they will be automatically accepted.


After the Anglian race we take the results from all four races into account to decide on the team for the English Schools national championships. We take into account any injury or illness that we are aware of. It is essential therefore that within one week after an event the lead manager and the relevant team manager are emailed with details of any difficulties as to why a runner could not compete (this would also include exams)  or if they feel there is a valid reason for any under-performance (e.g. fell on the race).


It is in an athlete’s best interest to run in all three events and then in the regional event. Competing in just one race makes it more difficult to select a runner. Runners should be aware that even if they finish in the top 8 position in each race there is no guarantee that they will be selected for the regional or national event. We discuss each athlete at length between the team manager and the lead team manager. We take into account performance in all four races alongside knowledge of any injuries/illnesses. Whilst the most recent races will be the most relevant, we will look at performances in all, including times in the first race at RHS. The decision made by the lead team manager is final.


Sue Hargadon

(lead team manager and secretary for Cross Country)



There still seems to be contradictions as to this matter. Please note the following advice

"Competitors need to be aware that the results of the A,B, Anglian and national races will be published on the Suffolk Schools Cross Country website and in the EDP including the name of the competitor, the school, the age range and the race time. If for safeguarding reasons you have concerns about this contact Sue Hargadon (our Cross Country Lead Team Manager) at the email address listed below"

Sue Hargadon  :